10 Magical Products Every Modern Witch Needs

Whether you’re brand-new to Witchcraft or already consider yourself a seasoned Witch, check out these 10 inexpensive products that are perfect for anyone who dabbles in their own Magickal Craft.

From a space-saving plant stand to a set of multi-colored spell candles, these diverse products are designed to enhance any Magick-infused life and will help you breathe new life into your Craft without draining your bank account.

10. Foldify Bamboo Plant Stand

Many Witches harness power from Nature and like to surround themselves with an abundance of plants that are chock-full of living energy.

This plant stand is stylish hand helps you organize your plants while saving space inside or outside of your home. Its tiered, pure bamboo design holds 6 or more plants at a time. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to put together in just 5 simple steps.

9. Universe Publishing Glow-in-the-Dark Lunar Calendar 2020

The Moon is extremely powerful, and many Witches choose to harness that power as part of their own Craft. If you’re interested in Moon Magick, this lunar calendar can help you master it.

This calendar illuminates all of the moon phases for each month of the 2020 year to help you keep track of the Moon’s cycles and plan your own Magick accordingly. Plus, it’s glow-in-the-dark and features gorgeous lunar imagery on each page. This lunar calendar is functional for your Craft and also makes the perfect stylish, Witchy addition to your home decor.

8. Spade To Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Herbs aren’t just for Green Witches. Witches of all types harness the power of herbs in potions, spells, etc. Herbs are most powerful when they are fresh and home-grown, so why not start your own organic home garden?

This organic home garden seed kit is an indoor herb growing kit that includes 5 types of organic, non-GMO seeds: basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this all-inclusive kit makes it easy to grow your own fresh herbs to use in your Craft from the comfort of your own kitchen.

7. Soligt Essential Oil Storage

Many Witches choose to enhance their own Craft through the use of essential oils. Essential oils can be used to enhance a variety of spells and potions.

This simple, classy essential oil storage container helps you store and organize your oils in style. It contains 25 slots, each of which is designed to fit a single essential oil bottle. This essential oil storage set even contains special multi-colored labels to help you more efficiently organize your oils inside it.

6. Mega Candles 20 Unscented Mini Taper Spell Candles

Candle Magick involves using multi-colored candles to enhance your Magick via harnessing the power of the Fire element. Different spells call for the use of different candle colors, as each color has its own unique meaning.

This spell candle kit includes 20 spell candles in a variety of colors to help enhance your Candle Magick. Each candle is made from 100% unscented paraffin wax and burns for up to 2 hours, which gives you plenty of time to complete virtually any spell or ritual while harnessing the power of these spell candles.

5. INONE Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

Incense is very popular among modern Witches for use in enhancing their Magickal Craft. Sage is an especially popular incense for Witches. It is used by many Witches to smudge or cleanse an area to remove negative energies from that area.

This gorgeous waterfall incense burner makes a peaceful, harmonizing addition to your home decor and is functional for burning a variety of different incenses, including sage.

4. JASHIKA Raw Amethyst Crystal String Lights

The environment in which you perform Magick is very important for the outcome of your Magick. The more beauty, balance, and peace your environment has, the more powerful your Magick will be.

Enhance your environment with these natural amethyst crystal string lights. These beautiful, trendy string lights are made with real raw-cut amethyst crystals that bring beauty, peace, balance, calm, and harmony to the environment in which they are placed. Plus, these string lights give off beautiful, warm mood lighting that is perfect for creating a Dreamy environment in which to perform spells and rituals.

3. Printemps Black Wrought Iron Candle Holder

This Victorian-inspired wrought iron candle holder brings vintage charm to any environment, and it’s perfect for holding small spell candles steady.

Inspire your Craft and harness the power of your ancestors while performing Candle Magick with this simple yet exquisite wrought iron candle holder.

2. New Age Imports Triple Moon Pentacle Copper Bowl

Engraved with the Triple Goddess sign with the addition of a Pentacle shape in the middle, this 100% pure copper bowl adds inspiring Witchy vibes to your home decor.

This 3-inch bowl is functional as well as stylish. It can be used as an altar bowl, an incense burner, or a decorative bowl in which to hold crystals or other Magickal tools. However you choose to use it, you’re sure to feel inspired and empowered with this beautiful, intricate copper bowl in your space.

1. Moleskine Hard Cover Classic Notebook

Every Witch needs a safe space to write down her spells, recipes, rituals, thoughts, plans, dreams, and desires. When it comes to creating a Grimoire or Shadow Book, everything is fair game. After all, it’s your book in which to record your experiences with your Craft.

Some Witches prefer to use more ornate books in which to write their spells and thoughts, while others prefer the quality and simplicity that you’ll get from a slim, simplistic notebook such as this one. This classic notebook features a top-quality, durable leather-like cover that houses thick ivory pages.

It is available in a wide variety of colors and several different page types, including pages that are plain, lined, gridded, or dotted like a bullet journal. It’s simple, but it is classy and functional and will last you for many years.

Strengthen your Magick with these 10 inspiring products that will help you get the outcomes you want from your own Craft.

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