10 Magical Products Every Modern Witch Needs

Whether you’re brand-new to Witchcraft or already consider yourself a seasoned Witch, check out these 10 inexpensive products that are perfect for anyone who dabbles in their own Magickal Craft. From a space-saving plant stand to a set of multi-colored spell candles, these diverse products are designed to enhance any Magick-infused life and will helpContinue reading “10 Magical Products Every Modern Witch Needs”

Clear Quartz: The Modern Witch’s Crystal BFF

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but clear quartz is the modern Witch’s best friend. Clear quartz is the quintessential Magickal stone. It is a key part of almost every modern Witch’s toolkit. If you’re new to Witchcraft or crystal Magick, clear quartz is the best stone to start off your collection. Clear quartz isContinue reading “Clear Quartz: The Modern Witch’s Crystal BFF”